Welcome to "Skejser" (how to pay at Jamboree Denmark 2017)

"Skejser" is your system for cashless payment in stores and restaurants at Jamboree Denmark 2017 and in the shops in Sønderborg. With "Skejser" you can customise the card/bracelet to your own or your child's needs. You can add money to "Skejser" from a payment card and leave the cash at home.

Simple system

In "Skejser" you will create a user profile and attach a payment card. When created, your "Skejser" card is ready for use at Jamboree Denmark 2017 and at the shops in Sønderborg. The information of the user and payment can be changed at any time.

The payment system of the future

"Skejser" is the payment system of the future. You no longer need to have cash on you, and you can easily control your own or your child's daily use. You decide the daily maximum usage, and you can easily adjust it when needed.

Security of the payments

The card/bracelet is based on NFC technologi (Near Field Communications). The credit card information is handled by a PCI-certified acquirer. Using "Skejser" corresponds to ordinary shopping at the internet, and it is a secure and easy way of payment.

The advantages of the system:

When creating a profile in "Skejser", you have several options in terms of security and requirements for the use of the card/bracelet:

  • Less cash ensures a safer jamboree and decreases the risk of theft.
  • Avoid that you or your child loose your pocket money at Jamboree Denmark 2017.
  • No contact with unhygienic coins and notes.
  • Fast service at the sales point - payment is handled in less than two seconds.
  • You can block a lost card/bracelet online.
  • You can add a maximum amount of how much money one can spend per day.
  • After Jamboree Denmark 2017, you can get the rest of the money disbursed to an account of your choice.

Parent security:

When creating a profile in "Skejser", you have several security options by setting requirements for:

  • Where the card can be used?
  • How much to spend pr. day.
  • Lost cards can be blocked immediately at Skejser.dk.
  • View all transactions on the card at Skejser.dk.
  • Withdraw any remaining balance to the desired bankaccount.